Within CopyText, is there a way to see if text exists in the long text control?
For example, the first couple of lines are blank, then there is some text in the long text field, then some more blank lines and then some more text.
How do we find out if the long text contains text?

There is no single command that checks this, but you can use the following coding:

Textbox (0,100) (10,120) name=t1

Set V[i] 1 label read_line

CopyText fromText=t1 toString=s1 line=&V[i]

if not Q[OK]

goto text_empty


if  V[s1]

goto text_not_empty


Set V[i] &V[i] + 1

goto read_line

label text_empty

Message "Text is empty"

label text_not_empty