Is it possible to have a focus on a particular pushbutton after the InputScript is executed and the screen refreshed?

For example: Button1 Button2  Button3 on the screen. User clicks Button, executes an InputScript and comes back to the main screen with the buttons. The focus/cursor should be on the last button clicked, in this case Button1

SetCursor does not currently allow you to put the focus onto your own pushbutton. But you can use its coordinates in round(!) brackets. In this case, GuiXT does not check the existence of an entry field at this position. Example:

Pushbutton (10,1) "Button1" process="t1.txt"
Pushbutton (12,1) "Button2" process="t2.txt"
Pushbutton (14,1) "Button3" process="t3.txt"

if V[xx_status=1]

  SetCursor (10,1)


if V[xx_status=2]

  SetCursor (12,1)


if V[xx_status=3]

  SetCursor (14,1)


(You set the xx_status in your InputScript.)